International forum: Romance & Friendship - how to handle a long distance relationship?
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18 Feb 2015 05:30

s0metimes mistakes can be made during a l0ng distance relati0nship..this t0pic sh0ws how t0 av0id s0me 0f them..

18 Feb 2015 05:32

the main fruit 0f keeping a l0ng distance relati0nship is trust, u have t0 be able t0 trust ur's difficult t0 do that because u d0nt really kn0w what g0es on, on the 0ther side..

18 Feb 2015 05:34

have patience..

18 Feb 2015 05:37

discuss interesting t0pics..keep the discussi0n healthy..f0rget the w0rld and the pr0blems..sh0w it t0 each 0ther that the l0ng distance is working f0r u..tell ur girl 0r guy u l0ve him every time u w0nt hurt..remember someh0w t0 make up f0r the time u had apart..

18 Feb 2015 05:39

its easy t0 misinterpret things during a c0urse 0f a conversati0n..take time t0 understand what ur partner is wr0ng as it may s0und u may just c0nclude s0mething, that u will l0se 0ut on..keep calm!!!

18 Feb 2015 05:43

l0ve is kind..u sacrifice many things f0r l0ve..what ever may c0me up during u stay al0ne when you are l0nely waiting f0r ur l0ve..there s0me things, gud things will c0me up..that is what u need t0 sacrifice..

18 Feb 2015 05:44

he 0r she c0uld be at sch0ol 0r w0rk..d0nt go 0ver the t0p..u b0th have ur lives t0 lead..u b0th need ur space..

18 Feb 2015 05:45

show that you mean it
when you say that you
love your girl or guy..

18 Feb 2015 05:47

mind the time difference
if there is one..