International forum: Romance & Friendship - how to handle long distance love affairs?
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18 Feb 2015 05:27

l0ng distance relati0nships (LDR) aren't easy, but s0metimes they bec0me necessities when th0se inv0lved really want t0 stay t0gether and distance is a fact0r..

20 Feb 2015 02:38

the l0nger u have been t0gether bef0re the l0ng distance relationship, the m0re likely it is u will have s0me rapp0rt t0 get u thr0ugh the t0ugh stuff..if u have just started dating 0r meet 0ver the internet, etc..things may be much harder..

20 Feb 2015 02:43

the m0re u c0mmunicate, the m0re relation gets str0ng..decide h0w u will c0mmunicate and h0w 0ften..ph0ne bills can be excessive f0r LDRs, s0 c0nsider using whatsapp and skype t0 stay in t0uch..establish firm plans f0r times t0 talk which are pri0rities in u schedule (just like dates)..n0 0ne likes feeling like they are w0rking harder than their partner, especially when an LRD is already a l0t 0f w0rk..

20 Feb 2015 02:46

just like any relati0nship, u will need t0 decide what the rules are and agree 0n them..s0me relati0nships define cheating differently..s0me pe0ple pri0ritize physical c0ntact and will need t0 have an 0pen relati0nship..decide t0gether mutually what rules will be best f0r u

20 Feb 2015 02:49

establish times t0 visit,
and ideally a plan to be
t0gether in the near
future, if this is what
you want..
either way, be clear ab0ut ur desires, needs 0r confusi0ns..NEVER string some0ne al0ng 0r cheat just because distance makes this easier 0r tempting..ur partner w0nt be able t0 tell h0w u are feeling as easily, s0 u will need t0 tell them and c0mmunicate 0penly and frequently..

20 Feb 2015 02:51

the golden rule, expect
the less u expect, the less will be the pr0blems..but keep expecting l0ve 0r that'll n0 l0nger be a "relationship"

20 Feb 2015 02:53

arguments usually end
up with a fight..
s0 either av0id 0r st0p in the middle 0f the argument 0r the best thing, let ur partner win.. this will in turn strengthen ur relati0nship..

20 Feb 2015 02:55

best 0f luck