International forum: Culture - discrimination among Nations __ read ))
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18 Feb 2015 02:56

dear mobofree international forum user : I quote this becos ,, I don't think if Spain nationality re welcome here on mobofree site ,, most nations re love why most re hates here ,, this is one family site ,, why everyone keep acting differently ,, if we can't obey any human right here on this ooo that mean ,, this is totally bad ,, if your country don't give freedom too his citizens ,, that doesn't mean other nation don't have freedom ,,in pass days I can see older age user fighting younger age user ,, for me that disrespect ,, don't user ur languages too abuse or insult someone who don't love you ,, just becos u re from different nation he/her try too communicate with his follow fake friends too fight you , this is not a topic but a quote , middle Europe is totally different from western Europe ,,,the attitude which is going on here is totally bad ,, for young user ,, i have noting much too say ,, if you really love d development of this project ,, it is up too help fight too abuser and fake unauthorised id

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