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14 Mar 2014 11:06

Somebody approach me to organize quizz just like the previous year.
Do you think it is the right time to restored quizz bee in every chat room?
If it is the right time, what is the most ideal time and days to cope up by majority?
I may also asking to the floor what is the best reward to be given?
Can you drop or cast out your vote or anything suggestion for my future references.
Thank you.

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14 Mar 2014 12:04

Let me think Sir. . .

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14 Mar 2014 12:12
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14 Mar 2014 12:18

Quote by hannahrose1987
In every chatroom if it is possible quiz bee is much interesting,,,should one(1)hosted with it to manage,,,every once or twice a week and regarding for a rewards for me mobopoints or superpower for one(1)week that's my oppinion ,,,,

Yes you are right. . .

14 Mar 2014 13:28

Thank you..

14 Mar 2014 14:30

Yes! I agree to your idea..

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14 Mar 2014 17:17
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14 Mar 2014 19:12

Yes! Quiz bee.

14 Mar 2014 23:17
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15 Mar 2014 04:37
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15 Mar 2014 04:48
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15 Mar 2014 05:02

I Agree

15 Mar 2014 05:02

Your right gara
Anyway all moderators aware and updated about the condition of other chatroom. Putting another
Room exclusive for quiz bee is not ideal, because every quiz master has their own particular room wherein the event hosted by moderator according to their nationality. I know holding quiz is not easy because it takes a lot of preparation.
Thank for the comment and feedback it can really help to us.

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15 Mar 2014 19:07

Quote by gara25
Hmmmm i want quizz bee.. Its more exciting and fun.. But how you organize the quizz bee to every room if the other room's are empty ,Ive noticed some rooms are always epmty only few are present to each room . So u need to watch the situation of every rooms , the pnoy room is not always empty like the international room but how u put quizz bee in every room like the room of arabic room if sometimes this room are epmty ? mybe u create or u suggets to create own room for the quizz bee and if the users inter that the room they saw the question above and then if the users answer the question automatically the systems of the room respond its either the answer is correct or wrong, but ur idea putting quizz bee in every room is good but how long u handle the situation if the others room are always empty? U need to supervise each room ,mybe u choose what room are always empty and tell the others that in one room had a quizz bee and if the users are interesting they come, u annouce to have quizz bee on what time ,on what room but putting quizz bee in every room is wasting of ur time because we all know the other rooms are always empty ,u choose few room or you set one room to all users to have a quizz bee

Yes,you are right gara.I'm agree to with ur can make a chat room then invite to people there.

16 Mar 2014 04:58

Any other comment or suggestion?
After a weeks we will finalize the official time, date and days of quiz bee.thanks

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17 Mar 2014 01:56
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17 Mar 2014 08:52

Thank you for the moral support to pursue this plan about having a regular quiz bee.

17 Mar 2014 08:54
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17 Mar 2014 08:56
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17 Mar 2014 08:56

hehe... madali lang naman kasi lahat na kukunin ko ramdom sa new upload na forum.. time element lang ang labanan dyan kasi ang sagot a,b,c,d, lang. madalang naman ang fill in the blank