International forum: Other - what is the purpose of life ?
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10 Feb 2015 16:44

12 Feb 2015 08:39

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Think More and More

12 Feb 2015 08:52

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Live freely don't bring urself unto a wild obssesion and it becomes a shield to ur thorns the greatest gift bout the purpose of life is to seek happiness and if ur not happy people sorrounds u like a tempetation wether u do things right or wrong life itself is a purpose you will came to a point of hesitating ur way of having reasons to live but u cannot the natures of life is too hard to go on sometimes ur weakening coz of hardship but along the way u will find people tht will show u how to live each day of struggle in that part ull see how u r driven by life purpose itself is to live fight of what u r having and it goes to its righteousness ..... love and beloved coz eve n the tiniest life on earth knows it......

12 Feb 2015 08:56

life is purpose of love

12 Feb 2015 09:04