International forum: MoboFree news - Dear Mobofree experience oldbie user _____ (messages too all oldbie)
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10 Feb 2015 02:28

dear mobofree user __ ,,I do understand most user on mobofree Don't really know the meaning of moderators ,, I made most topic at Ghana forum ,, can you believed most don't know what is moderator , a user came too me requesting help from me , he was abuse by another users, ,, pls experience oldbie ,, whenever ya see someone in need of help maybe abuse by other user , pls try too help him / her by showing the LINK BELOW = MOBOFREE MODERATOR HELP LINK <=== ,, becos in d past weeks mobofree project have crowding by newbie meaning mobofree population is increasing from 3million user upper ===> too 7 million user in the next 2years ,, pls give everyone especially the newbie am helping hands : THANKS !!! let build a wonderful MOBOFREE SITE TOGETHER AS

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10 Feb 2015 02:32

Everytin getting nice ,, but let help any one in need by them copy paste the abuser message to them on PM happy val all mobofree user

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