International forum: Food - Do you make time to eat meals???
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8 Feb 2015 08:11


I've noticed over the last few weeks that my appetite has changed dramatically. I've went from eating three times a day on a schedule to eating once to twice a day at the weirdest times. I know that it's not healthy to only eat once a day but right now I just can't help it. I seem to be in so much pain that I sleep most the day and can't get out of bed. I feel bad calling anyone to help or bring food so most the time I just go without. Horrible right? When I do eat, I find myself not eating much at all and especially not the healthy foods I'm suppose to be eating. I wish I could make the time and effort but right now it seems like it's the least of my problems.
So M☺B☺Free, how important is making time to eat for you? Do you make it a rather important necessity personally to eat three times a day? Do you like to plan out your meals ahead of time or are you a grab and go person? Has your appetite changed over the years, months, even weeks? Why so??