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7 Feb 2015 14:55

What, in your opinion, are the best English Novels to read?

12 Nov 2015 10:45

Sophie's world - written by Justein Gaarder

I have recently completed to read this wonderful novel, which has been translated more than 55 languages of the world! It has revolutionized the field of philosophical books, worldwide!

The World As I See it - written by Albert Einstein

This is one of my favourite books, depending the rational ideologies, concepts, and opinions of world!

Black Skin White Masks - Frantz Fanon

This is to understand the world, people and their interactions, I also love this book!

To The Youth - prince peter

Introducing the way of life in this world and society!

The Black Girl In The Search Of God - Anonymous

These are my favourite books, in the field of novel and philosophical books, I'm sure whosoever will read these books, will be able to understand the life and world!