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6 Feb 2015 11:16


So today has been very long for me, as I thought I as going into labor earlier... I had to take it easy and drink a lot of water and all of that, but it am feeling much better now. Aside from that, I felt we all could use a fun little survey and had a few random questions to ask you all that I thought could be fun!!

Here's it goes 10 Random Questions Survey :


1. Have you ever broke a bone??

2. If you were locked up, who would you use your phone call on and what would you say??

3. Are you family-oriented??

4. If you had to name the "best memory" you have, what would it be??

5. If someone tells you "close your eyes & go to your peaceful place"- where is this??

6. Do you drink alcohol?? If so, how often??

7. Did you ever "party" in high school??

8. When was your first kiss??

9. Have you ever attended a high school prom??

10. If you were offered to meet one celebrity (still living), who would you choose??

Hoping to hear from you all, and hope you all have had a GREAT week so far!!

6 Feb 2015 16:20

Random questions? Today I didn`t go school because of such unanswerable & hateful questions You`re asking similar questions here

6 Feb 2015 23:40

examination test you make my brains step on each other trying to think