International forum: Phones, gadgets and apps - How do you communicate? Text, phone, or email??
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6 Feb 2015 03:51


I tend to text friends, unless it's urgent enough to call. I usually call my parents unless it's a quick joke or picture. Almost always email my boss, even if we're both at work. Sometimes it feels like everybody texts, even if it's urgent! If I'm outside someone's house--I call them. When you want to talk to a friend, do you text or call? What about your parents? Bosses? Business associates? Do you feel like people are texting more often when they should be calling??

6 Feb 2015 15:46

Text phone . Calls

6 Feb 2015 15:51

Yes, i'm call on mobile for frnds and mom's and write email, if someone are lives on other countries

6 Feb 2015 17:50

i only use email and sometimes facebook

9 Aug 2015 07:22
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23 Aug 2015 18:01
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24 Aug 2015 05:17

Text, viber n whatsapp