International forum: Health - How to Exercise an Open Mind?
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5 Feb 2015 15:33

One hour of increased brain activity via innovative thinking or experiencing new stimuli can make you smarter, more energetic, more creative, more sociable, and more open to new experiences and ways of thinking. The key ingredients are to be open to new experiences and to make changes in previous ways of thinking about these experiences.

5 Feb 2015 17:34

Don’t allow yourself any dead time While waiting (in line at the bank, a coffee shop, a restaurant, the grocery store, or waiting for someone to pick you up, or a show on TV to start), ponder things, calculate, and memorize. You can, for example.

5 Feb 2015 17:39

5 Feb 2015 20:29

Quote by _BABez_kiD_

Learn a mediation put yourself in an act like running or makin things tht stimulating on body n mind keep a fucos shot in all ur experience learn a basic strength management sleep when u felt a tiresome days and gotta move even walkin take a chores in ur own place and never forget to think after of wht u hv and haven't done...

6 Feb 2015 07:41

yoga mostfl exrcise f opn brain & swimn f body ftnss. u fl in fw dyz urslf v enrgtic/activ/shrp & rlf slpn. try it urslf

6 Feb 2015 13:16

is trying to get yourself in the right mindset for
regular exercise