International forum: Romance & Friendship - HOW CAN I KNOW SOMEONE REALLY LOVE ME!!
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12 Mar 2014 20:38

Someone say me she really love me but I can't belive her what shall I do??

13 Mar 2014 14:52
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13 Mar 2014 14:54
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13 Mar 2014 17:29

hhhhmmmm let me think wait

13 Mar 2014 20:58

You can follow her or him few dazz.what is doing he/she for you.Is that are positive she love you or negative she or he didn't love you.........its my little I right or not?

30 Mar 2014 06:41

You are right

11 Aug 2016 21:27

1. S/He ALWAYS HAS time for you though they're busy
2. S/He protects and trusts you totally though people say negative things about you
3. S/He shows her/his jealousy cos afraid of loosing you