International forum: Romance & Friendship - Why do you love your mommy n What can you do to appreciate her?
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12 Mar 2014 16:17

Reasons why do you love your Mommy?

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13 Mar 2014 17:36

Your contagious laugh
How you would always read to me everynight
Your welcoming smile and how you make me smile
The kindness you show everyone even ifthey don’t deserve it
The sacrifices you’ve made so you could give me everything
Our shared love of animals
Because you taught me to be a better person
Our girls’ nights and how we can talk about anything
How I know you’ll always be there for me no matter what

13 Mar 2014 17:39

just bring back love to her...respect her...appreciate her thats what i can do for her ......... and ofcourse a big tight hug for her .......i love you ....missing you so much

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13 Mar 2014 19:12
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13 Mar 2014 21:09

Reason.....She love me a lot....Mummy's love is pure than others.She loves is unselfish.The others persons love are selfish.....I hate selfish love.....only mummys love without selfish.....Therefore I love mummy too much.....I love you mummy...:loveu My world is nothing without my mummy

18 Mar 2014 05:28

I love mom coz she loves me unconditionally.

10 May 2015 08:42

thank u m0m f0r always being there f0r grateful f0r all the gifts u have given me..thanks f0r everything..

10 May 2015 08:47

ds p0em is f0r my m0m..
thank u...
f0r standing by me
thr0ugh thick and thin
f0r n0t giving up 0n me
when i didn't win
f0r ur patience when i
kept pushing u away
f0r caring when i said i
didn't need u anyway
im grateful kn0wing...
i can c0unt 0n ur
ask f0r ur supp0rt, and
kn0w y0u'll go t0 any
when i l0se my way
u help me get back 0n
when in pain
ur c0mfort s0othes and
brings me back
im lucky because...
when i was sad u gave
me faith and h0pe
when i was c0nfused u
taught me h0w t0 c0pe
when i felt i c0uldn't go
u carried me l0ng miles
when i didn't believe
u rest0red my smiles
m0m, thank u
f0r ur guidance and the
faith y0u've sh0wn
f0r giving me a safe place
where i have gr0wn
f0r showing me h0w t0
because 0f ur l0ve
i will survive..