International forum: Romance & Friendship - What makes the couple to break up??
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1 Feb 2015 20:56

What makes the couple to break? up may be miscommunication, misunderstanding, cheatting,

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9 Feb 2015 15:55
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9 Feb 2015 15:57
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9 Feb 2015 15:59
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9 Feb 2015 16:00
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9 Feb 2015 16:01
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9 Feb 2015 16:03
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9 Feb 2015 16:05
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9 Feb 2015 16:06
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9 Feb 2015 16:07
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9 Feb 2015 16:21

in my experience and fr0m what i see with friends, c0uples break up because 0ne 0r b0th 0f them are being selfish and n0t w0rking hard en0ugh t0 keep there lives m0ving in the same directi0n..Or 0ne 0f them is selfish and cheats..0r 0ne is selfish and d0esn't care when the 0ther tires t0 tell them they are n0t happy..the key t0 a happy realti0nship is t0 actually LISTEN t0 ur partner and actually make sacrifices and meet in the middle 0f f0r example, if u really l0ve s0meone and u want t0 get married in the next year, but that pers0n g0t a w0nderful j0b 0ffer in an0ther c0untry that they w0uld l0ve t0 do..instead 0f telling them u d0nt want them t0 go because u are in sch0ol here, u tell them 0k go and we will w0rk the rest 0ut and i will wait t0 marry u..things like that, patience, true acceptance, communicati0n and sacrifice are what pe0ple need t0 stay t0gether.. these days pe0ple are pretty selfish and just want what they want fast..thats why s0 many
pe0ple get div0rced i think, selfishness..

10 Feb 2015 01:39

f0r me falling 0ut of LOVE can make a c0uple br0ke up and there's alot of reas0n why it happened..cheating, lack of communication, misunderstanding and etc..

10 Feb 2015 06:44

Misunderstanding and cheating

17 Mar 2015 06:24

Misunderstand n cheating...

17 Mar 2015 07:14
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17 Mar 2015 14:07
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17 Mar 2015 14:43

Mostly cheating nd untrustworthy

17 Mar 2015 16:55

Unfaithfulness & lying. Money too a lot of times due to not enough or just selfish spending. I've seen it both. Relationship is all about trust & with no trust, there is no relationship.

17 Mar 2015 17:13
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18 Mar 2015 18:14

Quote by _Lovelyes_
Mostly cheating nd untrustworthy ;)