International forum: Computers - Is your computer invading your privacy??
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1 Feb 2015 16:23


Do you find technology invasive? Is it worth it, though? Do you like targeted advertising?
Lately I have been noticing that my computer is invading my privacy. I bought an item online last week, and now that same item is showing up in all the adds on the internet. I looked for a book on amazon and now I can not turn on my computer without that book title popping up in an ad somewhere. I understand the concept of this targeted advertising. I know that I heard that with gmail with google that if you type certain words in emails then they will target your advertisement that way. Like if you type to a friend about "vacation" you will start seeing airline and hotel advertisements. I think that is where a line is crossed. But it doesn't seem like there is a "going back" button on our advancing technology. Or do you disconnect as much as possible.

What do you think about all of this?