International forum: Education - Falling asleep in class??
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28 Jan 2015 06:04


Hi M☺B☺ friends!
So this semester, I have a class with a teacher that talks reeeally.... sloooow .... It's almost hypnotizing. I've never had trouble before staying awake in class until I had this guy. I could feel my body telling me to lie my head on the desk just for a second. It is so hard to ignore it.

Have you ever had a class that was hard to follow because of the teacher? What did you do to stay awake?

5 Feb 2015 21:24

yes, but not because of teacher. i usually get sleepy at class when the sun is shining so i get very relaxed or it's raining and we're writing a test.

5 Feb 2015 21:29

Yes me too im always sleeping in class

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30 May 2015 13:52
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