International forum: Other - Overcome Physical Pain With Your Mind
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27 Jan 2015 18:36

Chronic or severe pain can interfere with our ability to work, function in our relationships, and sleep properly. Although we feel pain in our bodies, the mind- body connection is very strong, and research shows that you can use the power of your mind to decrease your pain. If pain medications and other treatments are unable to bring you relief from migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, or another challenging condition, consider trying mind-based techniques to gain some measure of control over your pain and reduce unpleasant sensations.

6 Feb 2015 19:15

Physical pain can be surmounted with the assistance of mind because everything is directly connected with your mentality. You can comfortably overcome the physical pain with the moments of your mental position,

For instance, If you are chatting or talking to your bestfriend, girlfriend, boyfriend or someone special of your life, you will not feel physical pain because it would be the happiness of your mind

6 Feb 2015 20:21

I today have realy big headaches--my maind feel very tired-was very hard week in work--and friday not my pleasure--want only sleep in deep dreams

7 Feb 2015 10:09

Headache thruogh out ,no sleep, untill i coup a cup of tea also when am in mobo depression decreases by 40%