International forum: Food - How to Protect Your Mind With Brain Foods?
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21 Jan 2015 14:06

Brain health is an important part of ensuring your entire well- being because thinking straight, and feeling in charge of your emotions, are a large part of what makes you feel happier, more fulfilled, and more able to cope with life. A brain impacted heavily by stress will cause all of your bodily systems to suffer in one way or other and too many free radicals (oxygen fragments or oxidants) damage the communication pathways in your brain, damaging brain cells one by one until you experience decreased alertness, slower reaction times, memory loss, and ultimately dementia or Alzheimer's disease.Start young to protect your mind. Individuals are living longer now and while mental decline is common in aging, it may be slowed and reversed somewhat by enjoying a range of "brain foods". At the forefront of what is good for your brain are antioxidants, which are found in all fruits and vegetables, legumes, tea, low use of: coffee (if you can use caffeine), chocolate and wine (1 small serving, 4 days per week). So, put aside the worries and start proactively feeding your brain with foods that science has shown will protect it and will go a long way to helping you enjoy both longevity and quality of life.

1 Feb 2015 12:30

Brain health is realy very important--needed well sleep-use vitamins--needed have hobby-may brain relax--and feel pleasure!

2 Feb 2015 23:21

Brain food

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