International forum: Other - Is there a place on earth safe for both men & Women?
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11 Mar 2014 10:43

We have heard and watching us all over the world about the crime of human right violation mostly to minor.. Do we have a great ideas in our mind how to protect our love ones.

12 Mar 2014 10:42

In their bed-room

12 Mar 2014 12:21

It`s impossible in this world!

12 Mar 2014 13:42
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12 Mar 2014 13:47
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12 Mar 2014 14:10
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12 Mar 2014 20:00

Thanks for the feedback..

13 Mar 2014 08:33

In their clOthes... just kidding

26 Sep 2014 22:09

Another way to really make the world a better place is to reduce the negative impact you have on the world around you. Being good of the world has a significant and positive impact on your environment and helps to preserve the planet for the next generation.