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16 Jan 2015 16:36

The most spectacular,indescribable, deep euphoric feeling for someone. Love is an incredibly powerful word. When you're in love, you always want to be together, and when you're not, you're thinking about being together because you need that person and without them your life is incomplete. This love is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions: completely loving someone. It's when you trust the other with your life and when you would do anything for each other. When you love someone you want nothing more than for them to be truly happy no matter what it takes because that's how much you care about them and because their needs come before your own. You hide nothing of yourself and can tell the other anything because you know they accept you just the way you are and vice versa.

13 Feb 2015 18:03

LOVE is a word nO one could explain precisely
simply becAuse it's a word that can't be
dEfined just as undeFineable as our feElings
when it hits us. as for me, it's the very reason
of everything: of good and evil, of happiness
and sorrows, of black and white, of peace and
war. .since love is the only force that
commands us to do all that we're doing every
now and then. . .it's nOt about duty and
responsibility, it's LOVE for God, for ourselves,
for everyone around. . .we LOVE without
knOwing we did.

15 Feb 2015 19:52
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