International forum: Health - How to Be Motivated to Exercise?
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14 Jan 2015 14:57

It can be tough to discipline yourself to exercise, especially when you have little or no interest in it other than wanting to be more active because you "should". Exercise should be an integral part of your life.

14 Jan 2015 17:44

the first thing t0 d0 in order f0r u t0 be m0re m0tivated t0 exercise is t0 change ur mindset..mentally prepare urself by ackn0wledging that u want t0 exercise..say t0 urself "i want t0 exercise.." u have made the decisi0n u want t0..mental c0mmitment is very imp0rtant..

14 Jan 2015 17:47

invest in an iP0d 0r MP3 player..they are great f0r exercising, as u can make a play list that will keep u entertained with ur fav0rite s0ngs..this can als0 help keep u f0cused by bl0cking 0ut distracti0ns in the 0utside w0rld..whether u are walking 0r j0gging, pe0ple tend t0 adjust their pace t0 the beat 0f the s0ng they are listening t0, s0 go f0r upbeat s0ngs if u want subconsci0us encouragement t0 keep ur pace up..

14 Jan 2015 17:48

Bro' Change your mindset The first thing to do in order for you to be more motivated to exercise is to change your mindset. Mentally prepare yourself by acknowledging that you want to exercise. Say to yourself "I want to exercise." You have made the decision you want to. Mental commitment is very important.

14 Jan 2015 17:51

think ab0ut why u are exercising,and stick t0 a r0utine, but it will depend 0n u and ur life style..u may prefer n0t t0
foll0w a scheduled r0utine, if u feel it bec0mes a ch0re and u get b0red with it..if u shake it up a bit t0 be m0re spontane0us, u may enjoy it m0re if u are in the mo0d f0r it..

15 Jan 2015 10:40

very well said

15 Jan 2015 20:57
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16 Jan 2015 05:48

im not into burns my lil fats

18 Jan 2015 14:14

It's not needed to motivate myself to exercise anymore, coz all the music in my gallery are all hiphop songs---> so everytime i turn it on,,,, topic answered!