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13 Jan 2015 16:29

There are many areas to look at in communication: a message is communicated through visual, vocal and verbal means. From that, comes the importance of body language, how we present ourselves, and so on. The visual and vocal elements are indeed very important to effective communication, but we will not touch on that here. Rather, let’s look at why many people experience a challenge in communicating effectively from the verbal aspect

13 Jan 2015 18:12

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13 Jan 2015 18:14

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that can help u m0ve fr0m effective t0 persuasive communicati0n is that 0f asking questi0ns..this is a p0werful skill that 0nce mastered, will indeed help u see immediate results in ur daily it sales, presentati0n 0f
ideas, talking t0 ur friends 0r simply getting ur child t0 d0 what u want..

13 Jan 2015 18:38

Quote by Meesum
Great how to.

13 Jan 2015 22:34

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14 Jan 2015 08:25

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