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13 Jan 2015 16:04

Saving money is one of those tasks that's so much easier said than done — everyone knows it's smart to save money in the long run, but many of us still have difficulty doing it. There's more to saving than simply spending less money, although this alone can be challenging. Smart money- savers also need to consider how to spend the money they do have as well as how to maximize their income.

13 Jan 2015 18:42

That easy to save money, just make allowence u have from parent, if u have chicken to lay egg, u can sell them to save money, or sell vegetable u grow and sell them but not lot, if u have lot vegetable just sell them to save your money to get more money

13 Jan 2015 19:24

Never purchase
expensive items on
impulse. Think over
each expensive
purchase for at least
24 hours. Acting on
this principle will
mean you have far
fewer regrets about
impulse purchases,
and far more money
for emergency

13 Jan 2015 19:27
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13 Jan 2015 21:01
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13 Jan 2015 21:12

Work out how much you can afford to save

13 Jan 2015 21:25

The best way to save money is just stay single as soon as you get a girl friend any money you saved is gone

14 Jan 2015 01:02

always put fixed amount 4 savin when you got ya wages / salary

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14 Jan 2015 02:52

set reas0nable savings g0als..its a l0t easier t0 save if u kn0w u have s0mething t0 save f0r..set urself savings g0als that are within ur reach t0 m0tivate urself t0 make the t0ugh financial decisi0ns needed t0 save resp0nsibly..f0r seri0us g0als like buying a h0use 0r retiring, ur g0als may take years 0r decades t0 these cases, its imp0rtant t0 monit0r ur pr0gress 0n a regular basis..0nly by stepping back and taking a lo0k at the big picture can u get a sense f0r h0w far y0u've c0me and h0w far u have left t0 go..

14 Jan 2015 07:01

I save all my money by getting my girlfriend to pay for everything with HER money!!!

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14 Jan 2015 08:23

By Puting My Needs In Other

14 Jan 2015 11:28

Quote by LARRYL1956
I save all my money by getting my girlfriend to pay for everything with HER money!!!


14 Jan 2015 12:17

Be a money manager to your income

14 Jan 2015 12:39

Just dont waste it