International forum: Other - How to Deal with Hate and Stop Hating Someone?
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13 Jan 2015 14:39

They say hate cannot exist without love.
And more often than not, hate is strongest when it comes in the place where love once was.

13 Jan 2015 18:05

Great how to topic

13 Jan 2015 18:07

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Great how to topic

13 Jan 2015 19:10
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13 Jan 2015 20:17

Understand that the hate is your problem, so you have to work it out. Confront the feeling,and then get over it. Don’t hold on to it. Remember that by hating someone, you are still letting them control your feelings, making them get one up on you. There’s no point getting mad, get even by refusing them the satisfaction of affecting you so much. If you’re still mad, throw something like a harmless pillow at a harmless wall for instance. Well, then move on!

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13 Jan 2015 20:21

Quote by Lost in love
LOve is StrOnger than Pride, :ohno
:yes my dear

17 Jan 2015 00:45

Love all and wisely