International forum: Family & kids - How to Get Your Children Away from TV?
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9 Jan 2015 15:51

Does it seem that the kids have forgotten what the garden looks like or the park across the street? Is their conversation dotted with TV show lingo and do they base their next week's schedule around what's on TV? And the big question - are your kids glued to the TV all the time? If so, time to take control and give them a new lease on life that does not revolve around the box.

21 Jan 2015 08:32

Tell the kids that the TV free-for-all is at an end. Explain to them that the level of TV viewing has reached a point of no return and that other activities in life are being neglected. Then tell them that the TV time is going to be regulated from now on. There will be no whining, there will be no arguing, and there will be no typical clever rationalizations that kids are famous for. Stick to your decision TV time is being axed!

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