International forum: Romance & Friendship - How to Decide if You Should Dump Your Live in Long Term Boyfriend?
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9 Jan 2015 06:54

Do you feel the relationship has gone a bit too far? Would you feel it best to end it before you are stuck? Then you have come to the right place! Here is a step-by-step guide on finding that way out or deciding that you should stay a little longer.

Think about your feelings. Do you really care for him any more? Do you still treat him the way you did when your love was new and exciting? Do you still tell him how cute he is, and that you love him?

Check him out. Does he treat you differently from before? Is this good or bad? Does he still talk to you, compliment you, or remember your birthday or Valentine's Day?

Remember, relationships are a two-person effort. If you can't answer these questions honestly, ask for advice from your friends, your mother, even another personal adult you trust.

Know where you are going. What are your goals? If you've been together long enough, you'll be able to ask him about his own goals. See if they line up. No matter how much you love him, if you are never going to want the same things, it may be time re-evaluate your relationship. That being said, some couples make it work - so don't be hasty!

If you are doing all the work to make it work, honestly think about dumping him. Even though your friends may give great advice, you are an individual, as is he. Think about it long and hard before you do anything.