International forum: Other - How to Design a Life of Your Choice?
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8 Jan 2015 13:21

A lot of us tend to take life for granted, "taking life as it comes" and using that to justify inaction or lethargy. We think that everything will fall into place by itself, eventually The truth is, most people discover what they don't want, without a clue as to what they really want in life.

Almost everyone wants a dream life, but few know where to begin, and end up just taking the path which is most hassle-free. This includes following the crowd, where everyone ends up just like everyone else. After few years down the line, doing this causes us to stop and wonder what has happened to our life, suddenly realizing that the path we've traversed doesn’t lead us to the desired destination.

We all know we want something. Words like financial freedom, wealth, and lifestyle are catchwords that everyone is using. But do we know what it actually means? Do we know what it takes to achieve that? Do we know how or where to get it? The difference is, between allowing the life to dictate to us, and designing the life to run as per our dictates. It is essential to design the life you want to live. Is it possible?

8 Jan 2015 20:57

There are no guarantees that life will turn out the way you want… but you have a better chance of it turning out how you want if you know how to design your own life

8 Jan 2015 21:05

Life is in your hands you can either crush or mould it,its upto your decisions , capacity of knowledge and thinking

9 Jan 2015 13:00

know what you really want and work for it!