International forum: Education - How to Enrich Your English Language Vocabulary?
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7 Jan 2015 17:55

Love words You have to really want to learn new vocabulary if you're going to succeed.

Look up words you don't know whenever you encounter them. After encountering and looking up a word several times, you should eventually be able to remember its definition.

Use a Thesaurus. A thesaurus is a great resource which enables you to know the more advanced equivalent of basic English words.

There are many computer programs and websites that have ways of giving you a short "Word of the Day" list with new words every day Try going to Scroll down and click on "Get the Word of the Day e-mail". If you enter all of the required information, you will get a new e-mail every day with a word, its definition, and an example usage sentence.

Read. Read all genres of books. When you come across a word you don't know, read the sentences around the word and try to figure out what it means from the context. Check your guess with a dictionary. This doesn't mean you should start reading medical textbooks or other books with lots of new words on every page. Set aside time each day to sit down with your book. Enjoy yourself!

12 Feb 2015 10:37

there's a game called freerice where you can choose any subject including english vocabulary and collect rice to feed people in starving countries.