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17 Dec 2014 17:27

The most important person in my life is my mother! I can't live without her. She makes me happy and she do everything for me in my life, made sure i am fine and even now she will do everything for me. But she isn't the only one. also my sister and my best friend. They are everything in my life.
I can't live without them!

18 Dec 2014 13:59

My parents..
Without them I may not be here..

18 Dec 2014 14:04

I Love My Mother

18 Dec 2014 14:07

Mother is my world

18 Dec 2014 14:10

Quote by 0705189373
Mother is my world


18 Dec 2014 18:14

thank u guys

18 Dec 2014 18:36
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18 Dec 2014 18:57


18 Dec 2014 19:37

1st : my mom cos my mom love me so much
2nd : it will be my janan

18 Dec 2014 19:59

The most important person in my life was my mum..even though she physically left me last year, shes always in my heart .

19 Dec 2014 15:17

The important person in my life is my heavenly father. Who gave me life, took care of it. Who opens provision for me and even gave me the opportunity to be here. And gave me lovely parent that love me so much.

19 Dec 2014 16:05

God, my honey, family n frinds. coz they make me happy always.

19 Dec 2014 16:19

My Mum,because She Suffered For Me.

19 Dec 2014 18:13

My parents and missing you my love

19 Dec 2014 21:35

My mom 4 taking good care ~ me

20 Dec 2014 09:31

my mother because if she don't given birth then I will not be in this world and my daughter she is my live I love my mom and my angel :iloveyou

20 Dec 2014 16:38

my mummy,because she suffer for me.

20 Dec 2014 16:55

My pearents was dead long time ago--I long time live alone-I dont know and person without I cannot live my life,,,:-/

20 Dec 2014 22:58

The prior person in my life is my mother. she carried me for complete nine months in her womb, i may not know how she suffered but i realize that she suffered gravely for me. i lile her so much, she does everything i ask her to do, goes helter-skelter to make my ends meet. she is still suffering for me to educate. Mum I Love You, I Will Not Discrace You. Despite Hardship, Poverty And Upheavals You're The Only One. I Love U Mum

21 Dec 2014 00:53

My father in heaven, the creator of heaven and earth. The antient of days the first and the last jeheovah nessi.