International forum: Gaming - which best game Xbox 360 or Xbox 1???
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15 Dec 2014 21:46

i heard peoples like Xbox 1 than Xbox 360 but they like Xbox 360 little but Xbox 1 is most best game, I like my Xbox 360 because it have lot games but Xbox 1 is too high price almost 400 buck i cant buy that game. I enjoy my xbox game all time. Minecraft is best game ever. What u think which best game Xbox 360 or Xbox 1 and why this is best so your opinion. Share us.

16 Dec 2014 14:17
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16 Dec 2014 17:53

Xbos I guess

16 Dec 2014 23:17

Call of duty

17 Dec 2014 07:18

Rambo On Fire,a Good Day To Die Hard,modern Combat Are My Best Action So Far