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13 Jan 2014 18:04

causes; 1) absent of antivirus
2)irregular update of antivirus
3)transferring of diskette in use or any other external storage devices from on system to another
4) downloading of files from the net without scanning

preventions : 1)installation of competent antivirus scans
2)regular updating of antivirus programs
3)scanning of external storage devices before use
4) scanning of downloaded files from the net before accessing

symptoms of virus attack
1)corruption of files [documents]
2)system hanging
3)corruption of application files
4)system restarting
5)system not coming up
6)termination of installation of system software/application.

follow this tips and keep your system virus free

14 Jan 2014 05:20
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14 Jan 2014 08:11

*)Me using operating
system windows 7
Ultimate .I'm not use other
private antivirus malware .
*)I'm use (windows
security essentials). This default with windows OP.
Not cost with free .
*)This update 30 days at
one time .Updating not
error it's Good working.
Any other Document and Multimedia files are keep
*)Other external storage
device input your system
automatically scan
Documents,Files,But infected files remove
permanently not recover.
*)This not hanged or
current files not corrupt
very good working.
*)Downloading files before scanning then download
your file. And go to other
Antivirus internet page
block that page.
=> Windows security
essential is monitoring your system files. This
good working,Not cost
with free,This proved
window co-operating /
This Application small
mega bit so download quick and download
&installing is fast . Thanks

14 Jan 2014 12:04
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14 Jan 2014 12:21
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