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15 Dec 2014 16:17

It can be easy to have a fun and romantic courtship period, but you may worry that your marriage won’t last once the initial spark has died down. However, if you want to live a happy married life, then you have to work on keeping the romance alive and on continuing to grow—both with your partner and as an individual. Though it’s not always easy, you can make your marriage thrive if you and your partner are willing to put in the effort.

16 Dec 2014 16:50

With respect and love-with trust-married is work for every minute-day by day!!<3

16 Dec 2014 21:23

Understanding, Trust and Respect.

16 Dec 2014 21:24

God fairing, Understanding, Trust and Respect

16 Dec 2014 23:06

just be faithful

17 Dec 2014 00:51

1st ov ol zey must respect each ozer, dat is ze Root after dat zey kan make fruit.

17 Dec 2014 07:16

Just Love Your Wife And All Your Kids And Give Them The Best In Life.Understanding,patient,honesty,caring,and Of All Love

17 Dec 2014 07:32

do what u can and dont compare what ur partner do for ur family. recieve and give but dont demand. not easy but u can at least try