International forum: Health - Did you know about LEUKEMIA??
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14 Dec 2014 18:17

Leukemia is one of the most leading journals in hematology and is known as children's disease bt it also affecting adults. Is a type of cancer body's forming tissues [white blood cells which helps to fight diseases in our body]including the bone marrow and lymphatic system in short >>blood cancer<<

signs & symptoms of leukemia
1.chronic 2.fatigue 3.malaise 4.loss of appetite 5.weight loss 6.fever 7.vomiting 8.headache 9.sorethroats 10.night sweats 11 .bone/join pain 12.sores in the eyes>vision problems 13.swelling of the testicals
14.abdominal discomfort
15.enlarged lymph nodes in the neck underarm groin or above the collarbone
16.flequent infections like:
urinary tract
gum around the anus
cold sores
17.severe bleeding which are nose bleeding gum bleeding and mid-cycle menstrual flow
18.anemia>>short of breath paleness .palpitations[rapid breathbeats]

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16 Dec 2014 22:42

ahhhh which type of disease is this ?
i think the come from the same family with ebola

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18 Dec 2014 23:07

Its a type of cancer that affects white blood cells its real it kills its dangerous disease