International forum: Other - How to Get out of a Bad Mood Fast?
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11 Dec 2014 14:33

Bad moods are no fun, and they make you no fun to be around. They can also cost you your reputation at work, with friends, or even your family. It's best to work it out, and quick!

11 Dec 2014 14:51

By remembering smile

11 Dec 2014 15:06


11 Dec 2014 15:48

it all depends 0n ur attitude, change ur
attitude and it changes ur day..

11 Dec 2014 16:26

No one can make you happy if you dont intend to, so all to do is just forgetting about the wrong things which has happened in your life and think only of the smal little good thing which wil make you smile because bad mood can destroy the human immune system, and can also cause poor concentration

11 Dec 2014 17:00

a lil bit nap will do for me..