International forum: Food - Why We Eat meat ?
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1 Dec 2014 18:30

Why we eat meat ?
What is reason of it ?
We have so many other foods then why we eat meat of birds and animals ?
Is it Good ?

2 Dec 2014 12:20

We eat meat coz its gud for our health .

2 Dec 2014 12:20

Its taste is better then other things

2 Dec 2014 12:21

Just imagine a chiken's meat .

2 Dec 2014 12:37

as meat is the source of protein that our body needs!;)

eng-eng (lish) din pag may time!:ff

2 Dec 2014 12:38

Meats are included in the food pyramid...

2 Dec 2014 12:38

Nosebleed ahahaha

2 Dec 2014 12:45

itagalog q gurl?...

kasama ang karne sa gabundok na pagkain! waaahhh ansiba! hahahaha

2 Dec 2014 12:46

Nyahahahaha koraktus gurl!!!

2 Dec 2014 12:51

go, grow and glow!

2 Dec 2014 12:53

Thats ryt gurl..its the so called balance diet lol

kelan pa tau naging nutritionist?

2 Dec 2014 12:59

Sgood snice for our health. In the past few decades, meat has been blamed for all sorts of western diseases. But we've been eating meat for such a time...#1

2 Dec 2014 13:00

kani kanina lng!... wla pang isang minuto!

2 Dec 2014 13:02

pang 5 mins lng pagiging nutritionist natin gurl kya, careerin n natin! hahahha

2 Dec 2014 13:04

Nyahahaha cge push pa natin gurl

2 Dec 2014 13:16

2 Dec 2014 13:24

An account to history-when peoples live in the Earch-peoples was hunters-meat is very good and pure with albumen and protein,eho necessary may to development body and brain!what me do in sport gum-or waterpool or boxing or running-with ģimenes body without force???But its everybody choise-I eat meat and always will eat meat-bcoz me needed force in life-I have only one life-and me not time-simply walk-singing sweet songs and talk about philosofia!!

2 Dec 2014 14:26

i d0nt eat meat i cant tell u the reas0n..maybe s0meday i start eating meat but n0t n0w mmm...

2 Dec 2014 15:44

We eat meat because the body needs it

2 Dec 2014 16:52