International forum: Romance & Friendship - Can You Fix The Lack of Relationship Communication ???
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17 Nov 2014 12:59

I want to tell that not all relationships fail. The mature, strong, secure and the ones that know the secrets to a healthy relationship are the ones that survive it and are more likely able to truly understand what real and true love is all about. Why it fails?

17 Nov 2014 12:59

The number one cause of failed relationships is the lack of communication. And let me elaborate a bit more. Communication doesn’t only refer to talking about similar interests, events or just day to day natural conversations. Communication goes a bit deeper than that, meaning it’s also mental. You both must be able to convey your emotions and thoughts just as well as absorbing each others emotions and thoughts.If one partner feels the need to express his/her feelings or emotions about what ever the issue may be, that person should be able to communicate these feelings with the other person he/she trust. It may not always be something that the receiving person may want to hear, feel or see, but what makes the major difference here, is how this person interprets the information, processes it and truly responds to it. Most likely, it may be something in regards to the relationship, we’re not always aware of our actions and sometimes we tend to do things that may offend or hurt the feelings of our partner without even knowing it. So the next time your partner approaches you and wants to discuss your relationship status or issues, if you want the relationship to work out and get back on smooth tracks, you must try your best to learn how to communicate back in a civil manner and show an effort of taking a step forward in solving the issue at stake. Remember, it may be about anything, but keep in mind that just because it’s tedious to you, it may not be so tedious to the other person, hence the attempt to open up a line of communication in the first place.
Don’t take communication for granted, if the one and only person that loves you dearly feels as if they can’t come to you with any problem(s) that’s on their mind, they may eventually stop trying and seek advice from someone else. If it gets to this point and you still haven’t showed an effort or interest, most likely, you are putting your relationship in serious jeopardy and for each day that goes by and your love doesn’t feel open with you, it kills a little bit of the relationship trust, love and hope.

18 Nov 2014 18:24

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