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13 Nov 2014 19:04

How many times must your heart be broken before you find true love

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14 Nov 2014 09:13

try and try until u die

true love isnt easily find.
no perfect matches either.
no such thing as forever ...
just stay true and true love will find you ..

14 Nov 2014 09:14

I think never be broken

14 Nov 2014 10:18

Only one tym that has been pulling me down in my lyf bt its over no more weeping and cry bravely pick up the pieces of heart and mould it again.....heart is in...hands never fall asleep again coz i might release it, fall and it will crack again no true lovers true love starts within youself by burrying your past no matter how miserable it was take tym and believe>p/attitude>focus >determinations >hard work >pray ~dont wait 4 true love t come to you coz the bble says pray and you will be given search and you will find God is not a mean God just have patience coz later pays

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14 Nov 2014 10:43

If you are true .a true love will find you

14 Nov 2014 12:01

For me never

14 Nov 2014 13:00

One can be unhappy by oneself, but to be truly tormented, one must love.
Love is harder to accept than to give.
To love is to embrace life. To love fully is to embrace both death and life.
The secret of happiness is simple: be loving, giving, caring.
Why, then, are so many unhappy?
Because they are afraid.
Love only yourself, and you are alone.
Love only one other, and the two of you are alone.
Love only your family, and your family is alone.
Love only your nation, and your nation is alone.
There can be no communion, not even with yourself,
except through love of God.