International forum: Politics - State the form of goverment that you have in your own Country... Does it really workable and favorable to your citizen or countrymen?
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5 Mar 2014 01:15

According to your observation based on reality, what is the Form of Govt. have you been observed in other countries?
Democratic form of Govt. isn't really works? or does the Monarchy form of Govt. better than? [Ruled by the King of Royal Blood from the start until now...]
Parliamentary Form of Govt. is another Form of Govt. ruled by the "Prime Minister" mandated by their Laws... is this really better than compared to others? How about "Communist" This is mandated only by the President of the state or countries...
Do you have any Ideas about it?


5 Mar 2014 13:00

Communists are working differently in every country, somewhere they are revolting against religion through politics, & somewhere they are very religious (Godly). So, I think we cannot define them. . . .


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17 Sep 2014 18:06

Our democracy is not helping its citizens. becouse of bad leadership we have in the country.