International forum: Other - What is the Advantages of Being Polygamous [Practicing of marrying more than one woman] likewise the Advantages of Being Monogamous beliefs.[Marrying only one woman]
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4 Mar 2014 19:07

Polygamous is the beliefs or old practices that having one woman in their life is accepted...
Monogamous is contrary or opposite to Polygamous beliefs.
As a woman what is your pleasure about this two concept?

9 Jun 2014 08:32
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21 Aug 2014 07:30

Hahahahaha hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahae Sir Clixsters - Findout?

Quote by clixsters
If God allowed me to have a 1,000 wife just like my grand father King Solomon? maybe I can't manage them because in 1-year we had only 365 days! hak hak hak...
I only accommodated 1 wife per day, so how can I perform my marital obligation toward them? Impossible.. so I need your help coco martin because you can't accommodated 5 wife in 1 day hahahaha


21 Aug 2014 07:32

21 Aug 2014 07:57

have too many reason

21 Aug 2014 07:59

Men who marries many women are just worrying themselves. Wel what they do is they try to run shifting cultivation every night, meaning if he sleeps here today, he wil go to the other person the next day, but if the women are two then he chooses his sleep to be weekly, when is his day of sleeping in your room that means he will eat your food prepared if not he wount eat your food. Most men are doing it, in the excuse of some they marry another woman when they travel to another country to get their papers or help from her, others do it when they fall for a lady they are dating and she being good to him more than his wife. Others do it because they say they cant "eat one type of food". Wel i dont want my husband to marry many women because he wouldnt be around at the time that am feeling cold and needed him besides me, or perherps when am sick at night he wouldnt be around for me. Marrying many women mostly brings envyness among them which leads them into quarelling and fighting which is bad so am only praying to God not to let my future husband marry many but to love and admire only me.

6 Nov 2014 07:50

No idea

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6 Nov 2014 10:15

Quote by Wafa-waseem
Polygamy :U

allah toba.

6 Nov 2014 10:20

6 Nov 2014 10:22

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didnt understand?

6 Nov 2014 10:26
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6 Nov 2014 12:26

women would luv it i think if it were real everywhere

6 Nov 2014 12:58

What is the Advantages of Being Polygamous [Practicing of marrying more than one woman]

likewise the Advantages of Being Monogamous beliefs. [Marrying only one woman]

This question is categorically simplified in this topic by elucidating the difference between polygamyous & monogamous or in other words the question is about having more than one lifepartner in the life Would you like get married with more than one wife or husband? (I don`t know, what should I say?)

6 Nov 2014 15:24

Why not coz there is many mens having 3 or 4 womens marrying so that as i think the womens allowed him to marry onather women.