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3 Mar 2014 18:16

Three University guysdodged exam becausestheydid not read. They cameup with a plan, gotthemselves dirty usinggrease then went tosee theDean. ”Sir we are sorrywe couldn't make it totheexam. We attended awedding and on our waybackthe car broke downthus we became sodirty as youcan see. The Deanunderstood and gavethem threedays to prepare. Afterthree days they wentto theDean very ready for theexam becauses theyhadstudied. The Dean putthem in there separateclasses.There were only four inthe exam paper;1. Who and who gotmarried? (25 mks)2. Where was thereception held? (25mks)3. Where exactly did thecar broke down?(25mks)4.What type of a carbroke down? (25mks)Good luck, your answersmust be the same.!!Who do u think dat ismore smarter?

15 Aug 2014 15:55