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30 Oct 2014 23:40

Do you know what that means?

31 Oct 2014 10:37

in my openion open relation is...if u have bf/gf no need to be secret....jst be proud to each other that ur truely inlove,no pretendings....

31 Oct 2014 10:39
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31 Oct 2014 10:47

dere is love that god need in relationship beweet men and weman okay ths why we need a relationship befor marride okay that is it ...!

31 Oct 2014 10:59

Having no concealment in the relationship or simply the publicization of one`s love (couple or better-half) is considered an open relationship

31 Oct 2014 11:04

an open relationship is an
interpersonal relationship
in which the parties want
to be together but agree
to a form of a non-
monogamous relationship..
this means that they
agree that a romantic or
intimate relationship with
another person is
accepted, permitted, or
tolerated..generally, an
open relationship is when
the parties involved have
two or more romantic or
sexual relationships
occurring at the same time either as a short term relationship, such as
dating, or long term
relationship, such as

31 Oct 2014 11:24

...It is a lack of any emotional bonding---afraid to commit to one person. That person wants it all. It is nothing more than a friend with benefits. It certainly doesn't seem to be the basis for a good relationship---sooner or later it will take its toll. It is not all respectful---and allowing it to exist seems immature and a sure sign of a lack of self confidense. Watching a mate go out with someone else cannot be pleasing--it has to cause some feelings of inadequacy---it has to be a sad state of affairs. Sharing in a relationship is nice--but not sharing with other people....

31 Oct 2014 11:59

An open relationship is really dangerous especial to the girls coz once you want an open relationship with your friend this means that you suppose to tell her all your secrets even if you sleep with ur b.f u have to tell her the results

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31 Oct 2014 12:42

An open relationship is a relationship that is not exclusive. Generally, it means that either partner can become romantically involved with other people.

31 Oct 2014 12:53

Yes I do no what it means it bull shit to have a open relationship it will never last

31 Oct 2014 13:53
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31 Oct 2014 14:06

Girls re
liers____I'm tired of this bushit...... I love only one____huh I'm
lonely can't beer inlove with girls anymore....


31 Oct 2014 16:01


31 Oct 2014 16:16

zts a one-to-one r/ship ...such partners may chat with others bt untill their luvd ones sets his/her first step on the are ..& they immidgately happen to quit the ongoing chat ..& wn u see their f/ship list, you would learn what a one to one r/s means ...

31 Oct 2014 17:31

I kno

31 Oct 2014 23:07

1 Nov 2014 22:36

I dont know