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29 Oct 2014 21:38

Do you pay tax? Which benefits hv you receivd by paying tax??

30 Oct 2014 12:40

Fuck all here in canada half of your pay ends up going in tax

30 Oct 2014 13:15

Yes its big problem in our country pakistan too .

30 Oct 2014 14:31 paying inc0me tax, but i dnt knw bwt benifits.. ,

30 Oct 2014 14:46
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30 Oct 2014 15:28
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30 Oct 2014 19:02

Quote by NaeEm.. paying inc0me tax, but i dnt knw bwt benifits.. ,

tay gov. use taxes to build c0nstituti0n like h0spitals,schools and 0thers to c0nstruct road,bridges and 0thers to d p0cket of corrupt politician 0h wait there's m0re 0ur g0vernment empl0yees also paid by 0ur taxes like teacher,police,soldiers and many m0re..

30 Oct 2014 20:53

I feel you Frend, im swimming in the same pool, here in SAfrica z worse i tel u

30 Oct 2014 20:57

thats wat i realy want kno, fo iv bn paying since i started working but i see kno reason of paying it bcos ther r so undevelopd government areas tht need to b attended tru tax i cud hear left right n centre z corruption

30 Oct 2014 21:01

Government employees pay high tax my dearn they complain every month about the money n no one z hearing them, n we pay taxd double, montly n wen we retire, hws tht?

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1 Nov 2014 00:18

I wish they could use the money properly n we taxpayers b happy about the service delivary
In my town potholes r found everywhere in our streets, schools hv roper resources