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16 Oct 2014 08:15

What are advantages and disadvantages of short dresses of girls?

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16 Oct 2014 11:01
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16 Oct 2014 11:08
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16 Oct 2014 11:15
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16 Oct 2014 11:27

I think its not a sign of gud culture .they think they are civilized but i dönt think so .

16 Oct 2014 11:34
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16 Oct 2014 11:37

Girl Look Sexy When Wearing Short Skirts..

16 Oct 2014 11:46

Mini Skirts have been a hot, yet refreshing, item for many years. With summer temperatures rising more each year and the number of sunny days increasing, there really is no other garment that provides more comfort for a women, than a miniskirt does.
Price wise a tight skirt can provide a shopper with some financial relief as well.
Another advantage of wearing mini-skirts is that they have a slimming effect. Women wearing mini skirts just look so much better (and sometimes even a little younger) than when these same women would be wearing regular pants or shorts.

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16 Oct 2014 12:32

its usually by the girls wearing shorts,miniskirt, sleeveless blouses,as long they feel comfort what they have wearing...

16 Oct 2014 12:43

This is the way all the young women an young girls dress here in canada

16 Oct 2014 12:47
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16 Oct 2014 13:21

its depends on culture but me don't like. :ff.

16 Oct 2014 14:43

16 Oct 2014 14:47
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16 Oct 2014 15:12

i see nothing wrong with them. they dont make you less persn. if you are composed at all times there is no reason to fret over miniskirt. i have so worn them including hot pants but never made me a lesser person in varsity. only if men who have lust can think otherwise or women who have twisted minds. you came naked to this world. wat of some traditional attires? in s a for instance why dont ppl lament? i would not mind if i was not resteicted by my hubby.

16 Oct 2014 15:25

Quote by Creepyfac3
every race they have their own culture and ways as to dress code...somehow the disadvantage is that girls will be in fashion as always...depending if they look good on what they wear...but disadvantage is that they are prune to rapist i think being fashionable we should also take into consideration as to where we should wear those short dresses and that we should also think of our safety...thats my opinion

im agree with creepyfac3

16 Oct 2014 17:16

it's dress code of whores

16 Oct 2014 17:44

They look great and women should wear anything they want, without fear of rapist.. Short dress isn't an invitation for sex! X

16 Oct 2014 17:46

Girls and women are expected to dress a fashionably, but not difiantly ( clothes must be normal lenght )

16 Oct 2014 17:49

Quote by Mofra1
it's dress code of whores

You are obviously a male chauvinistic pig. And shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a female, because guys like you are the type that expect them to have sex and probably rape them... U shouldn't have been born .. U IDIOT!