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1 Mar 2014 01:54

bad habits literally bad 4 0ur self physically,em0ti0nally and spiritually,so we must get rid of this bad habbits of 0urs,but d que is h0w we start?..its n0t easy to let go to a h0bby that has been part of ur life and u've been practicing it 4 h0w many guys p0st n0w and share h0w u get rid of it

3 Mar 2014 11:20
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3 Mar 2014 13:53

Quote by just_me1
its not really easy to get rid bad habbits,me im addict at cigar before but now im not using it anymore
my steps are:
1.get listened of hw much u take daily.if u puff 10 sticks aday make it 8sticks aday for 1week,thn 5stcks for d following and go on and on.
2.give your time for more valuable thngs than settings at 1 side whle puffing a cigar.make yourself a bz person. about bad cause of your bad habbits.
4.chew a gum or menthol candy everytime you feel d urge of taking cigarettes.

thanks 4 p0sting janu and im hapi 4 u tat u already get rid cigar t0tally..keep tat up sweety!

7 Mar 2014 14:06

hmm.. very fantastic topic.. I have habit to biting my nails for a long time. So iam trying various way to avoid this but still iam doing same.. what to do??

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7 Mar 2014 15:44

Quote by thamby
hmm.. very fantastic topic.. I have habit to biting my nails for a long time. So iam trying various way to avoid this but still iam doing same.. what to do??

what if we cut ur fingernails? jajaja!!!!..l0l im just j0king..u kn0w its a mannerism and i really d0nt kn0w h0w to get rid of tht..

25 Mar 2014 12:10
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29 Mar 2014 03:24

To get rid of 1 bad habit u should acquire other bad habit.

3 Apr 2014 19:29

Quote by Amit786
To get rid of 1 bad habit u should acquire other bad habit.

r u sure?

20 Jul 2014 19:16
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20 Jul 2014 19:59

Quote by TwistedBhaskar
try to reduce or limit it day by day until it peters out.

hmmm!!!! nice thanks 4 ur p0st

20 Jul 2014 20:10

Lets face it, all of us have
our own bad habits..We
may bite our nails or crack our knuckles.. Some of us interrupt people often or procrastinate.. All these nasty habits are hard to break.. But have no fear! I will teach you
how to get rid of your bad habits.. !

20 Jul 2014 20:12

Take complete responsibility for your
actions.. You are the king or queen of your actions — no one is responsible for them but you.. When you get behind the driver's seat after three too many drinks, that is your decision.. In some ways, it may be more
practical than getting on a bus or hailing a taxi, but it's still your decision.. Whether you want to or not, you own up to your
decisions at some point.. !

20 Jul 2014 20:15

Realizing that you are completely responsible for your actions can leave
you feeling overwhelmed or even paralyzed at first.. You begin to realize that each of your actions has
repercussions, and
that those repercussions are wildly different than
the ones you may have imagined when you acted in the first place.. It's a
scary thought.. But ultimately, being completely responsible for your actions is
empowering.. You are the maker of your own destiny.. Within certain
norms, no one else can tell you what to do.. Taking full responsibility for your actions gives
you freedom.. You begin to understand how habits can be metaphorical chains, and how breaking
them can set you free.. !!!!

20 Jul 2014 20:18

Stick to breaking one habit at a time .. You may feel empowered by your decision to bust all your bad behaviors — and that's good! But don't put the cart before the horse..
Stick to busting one habit first.. Trying to break all your bad habits at once can be seriously
overwhelming; it's better to take your time and break one for good than to rush through the process and end up getting rid of none of your bad habits.. !!

20 Jul 2014 20:22

Some people have the habit of eating when they're bored.. They like food, and they don't like
boredom, so they use
food as a way of relieving boredom.. The trigger in this habit, easily enough, is boredom.. Keep your
mind racing and your
hands busy, and you won't eat until you feel
hungry.. !!!!!!

20 Jul 2014 20:24

Try to replace your bad
habit with a healthy habit .. Many longtime smokers, for example, kick their habit by substituting baby carrots for cigarettes
whenever the urge hits..
And for good reason
Scientists have discovered that people who eat more produce have fewer cigarettes over the course of a day and end up having an easier time quitting.. ....

20 Jul 2014 20:26

If you bite your nails, try biting on some chewing gum instead.. If you crack your knuckles, try keeping your hands occupied with a squishy ball or practice doodling
instead.. Get creative with
your substitutions! You never know what will or won't work until you try it.. !!!!!

20 Jul 2014 20:28

Find better alternatives
that meet the same reward.. Bad habits give
us a reward.. We may not fully understand the reward that they give us, but they do.. Try to pinpoint the reward that you get from your bad habit and find a better way to achieve the same
reward.. Smokers, for
example, often find that E-cigarettes or nicotine gum do the trick.. While neither alternative is
without dangers, they're arguably both better for you than smoking.. !!!!!