International forum: Gentlemen only - How to Get & Keep a Woman's Respect ?
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14 Oct 2014 16:49

It doesn’t take an incredible amount to please a woman. Once she can trust that you are a good person, she’s likely to open up and share her life and experiences with you. However, gaining trust takes a bit of respect and that doesn’t come easily. Respect in any relationship is earned, so you must be willing to do what it takes to put forth effort to build it if you want her to view you as someone worth her time.

15 Oct 2014 11:34

I fully support the 1st comment cheers

15 Oct 2014 14:10

be h0nest even when
h0nesty isn’t what she
might want..the saying
that “h0nesty is the best p0licy” c0uldn’t be any m0re true when you’re dealing with a woman..alth0ugh you d0nt need t0 tell her that you hate s0mething that she l0ves, like her favorite le0pard, print l0veseat, telling the truth when it d0es matter is key..tell her your opini0n when you think it c0uld help her make key decisi0ns, even if it is pr0viding c0nstructive criticism on a pr0ject she’s w0rking let her kn0w that you can match her emoti0nal w0rld with
your h0nesty! ,

15 Oct 2014 14:12

behave c0nfidently and rid yourself of petty
insecurities when you’re ar0und her..w0men are drawn t0 d0nt have t0 overp0wer her or be a superher0, but
being able t0 stand your gr0und 0n s0mething you believe in or being able t0
chime in in a gud debate will gain her respect.. ,

15 Oct 2014 14:15

av0id negativity, d0nt
c0mplain and whine ab0ut every little thing that d0esn’t please you..find other topics t0 discuss when simple things seem t0 aggravate you..leave c0mplaints such as her delay in returning your message 0ut of your discussions..instead find
p0sitive highlights t0
share ab0ut your day..

15 Oct 2014 14:18

be kind t0 others..fr0m the elderly lady d0wn the street t0 the little kid who kicked her ball int0 your yard, be nice and pers0nable..appr0ach pe0ple with a kind heart and patient willing t0 spending time d0ing s0mething t0 help
others in need..when you do s0, you sh0w her that you're willing t0 pri0ritize s0cial relati0nships, which
is imp0rtant t0 many
w0men... ,

15 Oct 2014 14:24

listen intently t0 what shes saying..when you have her ear, use it..give pr0per feedback when its your turn t0 speak and suggesti0ns when you have s0mething in able t0 c0nverse with her by paying attenti0n t0 what she says and pr0viding interest and conversati0n in return..paying attenti0n t0 her w0rks with her desire as a w0man t0 strengthen s0cial b0nds.. ,

15 Oct 2014 14:27

be yourself..n0 matter if you’re the witty c0median wh0 is m0re silly g0ofball than 0verly seri0us, be comf0rtable in the skin you’re in and be willing t0 just be y0urself when y0u’re ar0und her..she’ll respect you m0re if you’re n0t having t0 pretend t0 be s0mething that y0u’re
n0t.. ,

16 Oct 2014 10:54
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