International forum: Travel - If you have just one chance to travel in time.
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10 Oct 2014 15:48

Where would you go, forwards or backwards? What, or who is it you would like to see ?

10 Oct 2014 15:50

I'd go back in time,either to see a period when dinosaurs walked the earth, or the time when the first men walked the earth.. (none of this religious rubbish about Adam and Eve)

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10 Oct 2014 17:38

If i have a.chance to travel back in time,i would rather choose to see my mother before she passed away in Jeddah and tell her we love her so much...

10 Oct 2014 17:52

hhmmm i dnt want t0 go anywhere ,

10 Oct 2014 17:55

Hmm that was a waste of ink then.

10 Oct 2014 17:58

Want to live some childhood moments once again with evryone! And wana visit Brasil

10 Oct 2014 18:52

Well i wld go back in tym and said a nyc gud bye 2 all my relatives who passed away in my absence

10 Oct 2014 19:16

Well would go back just to see my mum and have one last dance with her n simply tell her how much i love!!!......forward America is where im going to live my dreams!!!

10 Oct 2014 21:10

i would rather go forwards than backwards, coz if GOD wanted us to go backwards, u could've putten our eyes,noses,mouths,and etc. at the back of our heads rather than putting it in front. GOD knows y he puts our eyes and ctc. in front then the back! if we as a human beings including the animals weren't going in front, than we gonna be eaqul with GOD, coz we aren't gonna get old. i rather go front than back! thanks, sir!

10 Oct 2014 21:40

I wud go bckwards..

11 Oct 2014 02:28

I would alternate the time line causing a break down in d time stream and boom i can witness and alter creation therefore be the first to see d beginning of time being played over and over again

11 Oct 2014 03:00

I will go with my man n our kids

11 Oct 2014 03:44

I like too see the creation of everything

11 Oct 2014 06:53

I meet for my best friends

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11 Oct 2014 08:26
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11 Oct 2014 10:30

if I have just one chance to travel in time I would priorities the available time and make sure not to lose the opportunity to travel.

11 Oct 2014 12:27

Quote by mitze
Everywhere which I'm comfortable with, :hop

11 Oct 2014 12:42

I wil like to chat with you are beautiful

11 Oct 2014 13:15

Although it's unpleasant to move backwards in life, but wen given the opportunity,I'ld willingly and overwhelmingly travel backwards, to about nine, or perhaps, 10 yrs ago upto now, every day that came between all those years and now. Yh! this is because there are mistakes I would zealously love to change.

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11 Oct 2014 16:21
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