International forum: Health - Is Fruit Good or Bad For Your Health?
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6 Oct 2014 01:28

6 Oct 2014 11:55


6 Oct 2014 11:59
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6 Oct 2014 12:03

Is good

6 Oct 2014 12:06


take note yohoo

6 Oct 2014 12:15

:Bnot only good bt important than food

6 Oct 2014 12:19


10 Oct 2014 10:22

Fruits are a great source of energizing carbohydrates,and strawberries are an especially rich source of vitamin C.This vitamin helps your body absorb the iron it needs to nourish cells....Research by me

11 Oct 2014 11:09

Banana is a great energy snack.For one thing,the sugars in bananas and other fruits are an easily digested form of carbohydrate.In addition,bananas supply a heavy dose of potassium,an electrolyte that helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function and helps prevent overheating...

27 Oct 2014 21:58

Yes they are gud for our health .but denpends how much you are eating!

25 Jan 2015 06:25

Quote by Syful-islma

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25 Jan 2015 06:46

Very much fruits IS wonderful for health-but only banana not good-bcoz in banana var much starch!--but if lady want super body-banana not needed to use!!

25 Jan 2015 06:56

Apple banana mango etc for good health

25 Jan 2015 10:24


25 Jan 2015 10:25

I like all fruits without apple Banana is very good for ur heart

25 Jan 2015 17:10

Yes it good, i alway eat apple and banana for breakfast and snack,,, plum is health and pineapple is health too? i not know can anyone tell me that plum and pineapple is health or unhealth thank u