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3 Oct 2014 12:51

To stop seeing and thinking about your mate who broke your heart,because the more you do those things your worry begins

3 Oct 2014 13:00

keep away

3 Oct 2014 14:53

You can pretend lyk nothing happened bt very hard to 4get

3 Oct 2014 15:30

lets to that..

3 Oct 2014 15:34

A cup of tea and relaxe .ok

3 Oct 2014 15:40

first things first you know
you’ve br0ken up..
your partner has pr0bably t0ld you s0mething like
“…hey, I think we cant g0
on, it’s just hard..I still like
you a l0t th0ugh…but I’m
really sorry…”
you know what, lines like
these are the reas0n why
your heart aches..soft
w0rds make you feel like
there could still be a
chance for the both of you, maybe even in the far future, and you end up
thinking ab0ut your old
l0ve over and over again..what you need is a clear answer that they want t0 break up with you because they’ve had
en0ugh with you..try
getting th0se w0rds out of their m0uth, and you’d
feel a l0t better, even if it
hurts initially..give them
an opp0rtunity t0 yell that they hate you, and never want t0 see you in their lives again..believe me, that’s a better opti0n than dancing on h0t coals trying t0 decide if your ex partner is still in l0ve with you or n0t.. ,

3 Oct 2014 15:44

Once u brokenhurted nonstop to cry in oneday!.. Den! Aftr.. Celebra8 ur bottle wating for u..

3 Oct 2014 15:45

l0gical th0ught, this one..
music has a huge am0unt
of contr0l over human
emoti0ns, and there are
few things that can
immediately change a
pers0n’s mood as
effectively as music..if a
sad s0ng c0mes on the
radio, change the s0ng t0
a m0re upbeat one..if a
s0ng that was special t0
you and your ex c0mes on, turn it off or thr0w the player out of your
you mind find s0me weird s0rt of satisfaction by making yourself sad, but that’s really stupid.. grow up and learn t0 contr0l your emoti0ns, however hard it may seem..f0rce yourself t0 listen t0 fun, exhilarating music instead of sad, sappy that’s a good way t0 start
the healing.. ,

3 Oct 2014 15:49

no alcoh0l at all..its easy
t0 dr0wn your sorr0ws in
deep col0red int0xicating may help you
f0rget your ex for a few
h0urs, or you may even
end up crying over it with
the b0ttle in your hands..but the w0rst part c0mes in the m0rning, when you get up with a splitting headache, a l0usy feeling in your st0mach, depressi0ns, and a t0tally miserable and painful heartache..this will only make you feel w0rse and helpless, and right now, you need t0 feel like you’re in t0tal contr0l of your life.. ,

3 Oct 2014 15:53

after your true undying
l0ve has c0me t0 an end,
you have t0 break all
c0ntact with your ex or
you will g0 mad..d0nt
beg or cry..d0nt drunk-
dial..d0nt write them
mushy e-mail..d0nt spend all day reading their
facebook pages..d0nt
send packages or CD’s..d0nt dedicate a song t0 your ex on the radio, in an eff0rt t0 woo them back..
get the picture?
your ex will find you if
they want t0..and even if
you can talk your way
back int0 your ex’s arms,
its only a temp0rary
reprieve..the w0rst part is
that your ex already
kn0ws you want them
back, and they d0nt care
ab0ut it..take that as a
sign, and walk away f0r
good.. ,

3 Oct 2014 15:58

we all need time by
ourselves after a traumatic event, but whatever you d0, d0nt let yourself be al0ne f0r t0o l0ng..surr0unding yourself with pe0ple again, whether its friends, family or co-workers, will help immensely in getting over a br0ken may be difficult at first, but f0rce yourself t0 be with pe0ple after you’ve spent an appr0priate am0unt of
time al0ne..this is the best
thing that can help you
overc0me your pain..

3 Oct 2014 16:05

Forgiveness doesn't happen overnight. It can take a long time to be able to forgive someone, so be sure you're actually ready to forgive. Usually, finding someone who truly loves you is a great way to forgive the other person.

3 Oct 2014 16:10

as victim nd experience man alot of thing should be avoided d first u most try to differentiate infatuation from luv,lost from luv ng again maturerity matters alot in relationship which serve as d key t endurance nd true understanding of word call luv there are other on for seeing circumstance but these can be ayerstick to reduce heart break

3 Oct 2014 16:28

nd again i do ask plpl broken heart who is to blame d man or d woman

4 Oct 2014 15:51
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4 Oct 2014 17:12

Give to promise to hearts,just like words of God!

4 Oct 2014 17:35
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