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30 Sep 2014 08:40

Who Is Khadija(As)

Hazrat Khadija (As) Mother Of Heaven Chief Of The Woman Hazrat Fatima Zahra(As)

And Life Patner Of Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad(A.S.W.W)..

Past Religion Is Christian And Hazrat Khadija (As) Owner Of Billion
Spent All Way Of The Allah..

2 Oct 2014 17:00

3 Greatest Person Were Beginning To Islam..
This Greatest Perons Name Is...
(1) Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad(S.A.W.W)

(2) Hazrat Mola Ali Amerul.Momnen(As)

(3) Hazrat Khadija Kubra(As)

This Greatest Persons Frm Then On They Would Pray Islam Was Not Showed Religion.....

2 Oct 2014 17:49

2 Oct 2014 18:39

About Hazrat Khadija(As)
It Is Was The Religion Of The Christians...
Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) He Was Used To Trade..

And Khadija(As) Had Heard About Them Name Of The Mohammad(S.A.W.W) That Great Person And Is A Trustworthy And Always Speak The Turth...
Hazrat Khadija(As) When See It The Quilty Of Mohammad(S.A.W.W) So Hazrat Khadija(As) Sent To The Message Form Hazrat Mohammad(S.A.W.W)...
Hazrat Khadija(A.S)
Says... I Liked You And I Want You To Marry Me i Am Not a Bad Woman..

Prophet(S.A.W.W) Replide To..

I Do Not Anything without My Uncle Abu Talib(As) I Wil Ask To My Uncle(As) About Marry Just Wait Here..
Hazrat Mohammad(S.A.W.W) Asked To Uncle Abu Talib(As) About Marry...
Abu Talib(As) Replide...
My Son(S.A.W.W) What Is Your Wish If You Agree So I Wil Talk Here About This Marry.....
Everybody All The Marriages Have Been The (S.A.W.W) Any Marriage Has Not Become The Groom But Married With Khadija(As) Who Have Become His Groom....
Uncle Abu Talib(As) Spent The Entire Wedding And Uncle Abu Talib(As) Paid The Dowry....

3 Oct 2014 12:02

3 Oct 2014 17:26

When The Messenger(S.A.W.W) Showed In This World..
Allah Commanded (S.A.W.W) So You Wil Proclaim The Islam Religion..
When The Trun Came To Announce So Prophet(S.A.W.W) Second Uncle (Abu.Lahab) Enemy Of Messenger(S.A.W.W) He Did Not Announce For (3) Days...
When Prophet(S.A.W.W) Used Treat Peoples. This Uncle (Abu.Lahab) Had Peoples And Saying To... This Is
Muhammad(S.A.W.W) A Wizard And Do Not Believe It They Peoples Went Without Hearing The Announcement Going Here.. After Day When The Time On Announcement (Abu.Lahab) Stand Up And Influencing To People Found So Prophet(S.A.W.W) Uncle Abu Talib(As) Side To..
Aye (Abu.Lahab) You Sit Silent Today And I Also Look Today How Is Announced Do It.. Abu Talib(As) Says...
My Son(S.A.W.W) Proclaim Now Today In My Presence No One Will Stop You..
So My Son(S.A.W.W) You Will Now Easy Proclaim.
So This Announced Was Give To Help Of Hazrat Abu Talib(As) About Islam Announcement...
Hazrat Khadija(As) Side.. Everyone Servants Was Accepted Islam Religion And Which Those Are My Debt My Laoners I Would Be Forgiven.. This Condition That You Accepte Islam Religion And Im Owner Of Billion I Spent The All Money Way Of The Allah...

3 Oct 2014 17:38

I doubt if person abdicate his religious faith and the abdoption of other religious faith can be a good member of other faith

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4 Oct 2014 12:24
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4 Oct 2014 18:15

4 Oct 2014 18:20

Quote by Alina3
Every adult a person can select which religious belief him profess. Are not always like for person religious belief as received on his/her parents and which limits freedom of person. I'm know a many person's who is unhappy just for religious belief If Hazrat Khadija find very good person and she be inlove, she really changed her religious belief. We know one God (Allah), just every religious belief have different Law. A person changing belief, just want will be happy....

Ofcuse Alquraan Said...
Whic You Have Like The Way You Run It On..

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4 Oct 2014 18:31

I can not believe and i am very sad to read such an educated person comment It just shows her moral immaturity of religious faith and frivolous her character .......................

4 Oct 2014 18:44

Alquraan Said...

Allah Says....
There Are (2) Group In The Face Of Your. So (1) Gorup Does Not Have A Knowledge..And
(2) Gorup Have A Highest Knowledge..
I Give You Wil Now Have The Choice To Take It Gorup..
Who Likes To Way Of The Knowledge Gorups And Who Is This My Reward. So You Wil Aske To Me About Knowledge. Allah Grant Me More Knowledge(AAMEEN)

4 Oct 2014 19:07

Quote by Asta1
I can not believe and i am very sad to read such an educated person comment It just shows her moral immaturity of religious faith and frivolous her character .......................

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4 Oct 2014 20:32

Yamen Country Queen Hazrat Fiza(As)..

Queen Of The Abyssinians..
She Heard The Name Of Prophet Mohammad(S.A.W.W)..
They She Wil Be Eager And Decided To Leave Everything And Become Their Slave Of Mohammad(S.A.W.W)
So Hazrat Fiza(As)
Accepted Islam Only For Loved Prophet(S.A.W.W).....

Prophet Hazrat Mohammad(S.A.W.W) Calling To Fiza(As) You Are My Duaghter...

Hazrat Fiza Great Person..

A Day Prophet(S.A.W.W) Talk To Fatima Zahra(As) About (Karbla.War)
My Duaghter Zahra(As).
Muslims Brutally Killed Your Son (Imam Hussain.As) Wil Be Day A 10 Muharram.Ul.Haram It Wil Rain Arrows On Each Side And It Wil Not Be Helpful. My Duaghter You Have Do To Patient And My Ummah You Shall Not Playing.. The Resurreaction Of The Net Offect Wil Be Playing..
Hazrat Fiza(As)
Aske To Prophet(S.A.W.W)..
I Want See The Karbla.War).
Please Give Me Long Life...
Prophet(S.A.W.W) Says,..
Aye Fiza(As) Unless You Want To Live.. Death Did Not Come Up To You As Long As You Do Not Seek The Death So Angel Of Death Wil Not Come Near Of You.....