International forum: Romance & Friendship - I'm feeling unloved. How do I get over it?
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27 Sep 2014 14:20

I think i am dying , i am sick of my life ,
i am 23 years old guy , single, got scolding in my class last month, I live away from my home, the good luck left me alone , it seems to be that my 23 years of making friends were useless, there is no real one ,or I could say I have zero friend, sick of fake friends who calls me only when they need things, can I have your... this, can u make me this... or that, can I borrow your... just that? otherwise no one call, even in my Birthday , no one seems to be care, I don't really care, I live with 2 couples, both of them left for a holiday this morning, I am jealous, empty, lonely, I saw the last night preparing things, packing, I need a girlfriend but I can not find any I spend my day walking around and waiting for tomorrow, might bring new things its been too long for me why the people are fake what are the tips to get out of this mode, I ran 1 hour everyday , I try to do things make me feel better but there is no enhancement I bored as shit, everyone is happy ?